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Adding an Ethereum(ETH) payment service

Hello dear agents.

We hasten to inform you of a joyful event. The financial department of Atlantic Global Asset Management has entered into a new partnership agreement with the electronic payment service Ethereum, which facilitates the work of Atlantic Global Asset Management clients with their accounts.

We always pay much attention to electronic payment services and always offer our clients only those that have proved to be the most convenient, reliable and safe.

Now you can enter and withdraw money from your personal account in Atlantic Global Asset Management using the new method of electronic financial transactions Ethereum, with a full set of payment instruments and a high level of protection.

Our innovation is the new, most comfortable conditions for working with Atlantic Global Asset Management, which allow all our customers to use their accounts even more conveniently and safely. In the future, Atlantic Global Asset Management plans to expand partnerships with new services that will further facilitate the work and relationship between Atlantic Global Asset Management and its customers.

Congratulations and thank you for your cooperation.

Best Regards, Atlantic Global Asset Management.​


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 27MAY 2017


Dear partners, we are pleased to inform you that on 26 May 2017 in Istanbul, Turkey, the official opening of representative office of Questra World was held!
The event was held solemnly in person of the President of Questra World – José Manuel Gilabert who personally cut red ribbon and in so going officially opened the representative office.
In new representative office the first meeting of all members has already been held in which the plans for the future development and principal allocation functions were highlighted. Questra World does not stop on the attained and set new objectives, always expanding its horizons.
Nowadays, the Company carries out its activities in more than 50 countries of the world – in Spain, Russia, Poland, England, Germany, Switzerland and other states. In 2017 the Company proceeded to open 17 proper official representative offices. We are proud to report that today every customer from the 4th level can apply the official representative office of Questra World in Istanbul and receive consultation. Consultations on work and activity, legal help as requires will be held in representative office for the agents from the 4th level. All types of consulting and legal support will be provided by appointment only, mentioning clients’ questions, their work situations etc.

The market in which we work has immense promises and Questra World proves it every day with successful work.
The new representative office in Istanbul has already begun its work. Let’s move towards the goals right now.
Best regards, Questra World.



Hey Friend,

I trust you are enjoying your weekend!

I wanted to send this quick email with a few reminders
because we have had so much growth I want to
make sure we all have good intel.

First thing is....

The weekend is the best time for new clients
to get their investments in and also exisiting
clients to do their re-investments.

The reason being is the AGAM investments
earn interest weekly from Monday-Friday.

Secondly, when you are referring new clients,
they can have access to this same team
website that I created for you.

This is the email I send to my personally
referred clients when they sign up
with me in AGAM/Questra.

Feel free to use it & modify as you see fit.

Subject = 
[IMPORTANT MEMBER INFO] Welcome to the AGAM/Questra Team!


I want to welcome you to my AGAM/Questra team!

I plan to do everything in my power to help you win financially.

We have a private team member's website to keep you updated on things and to also walk you step by step in getting your investment suitcases to earning you weekly profits.

You'll need to register for the website at the secret link below.

We have step by step videos inside our private team
website so you don't have any problems at all getting things going.

Please please let me know if I can help you in anyway possible.

Text/Call: 847-343-0203
Skype: williameasonbizz

To Your Prosperity,
William P. Eason

Congratulations to all the new clients, as well as 
those of you who are rockin in building a huge team!

Let's continue to bless others with this platform. 
Have a beautiful rest of your weekend!

To Your Prosperity,

Announcement from AGAM Corporate Office

New USD accounts and packages

Hello Dear partners of Atlantic Global Asset Management. Financial company Atlantic Global Asset Management congratulates all its customers with the full access to the new Asian market.

We really appreciate our new customers from countries such as China, India, Thailand, Vietnam, OAE and others, so in order to in the new 2017 to provide the best possible conditions for cooperation, to adjust to the dynamic of the Asian market, the company Atlantic Global Asset Management announces the launch of new USD accounts and new investor USD packages.

This change was due to the fact that the Asian market is basically works and operates (USD). Working with (EUR) our customers from Asia constantly had to make a conversion of their funds to (USD) and back, which was not the most convenient way to work.

But now the solution has been found, and all the customers can deposit and withdrawal funds without any conversion through both USD accounts, and through accounts in EUR, and in order to not to convert received income from investor packages from (EUR) to (USD) have been created and entered into new products "Packages of the investor" in (USD).

The difference between the new (USD) packages from the (EUR) packages is the currency unit for which you buy them, in the monetary unit in which you receive your income, so the cost of products "Investors package" as in (USD), as well as in (EUR) is the same. In other words to buy a package you are interested in , you, just as before, can choose it by name and its price, and the difference is only is that when you buy the package, you can now select and pay, for example, you like "Red" package price of which either 7290 (USD), or (EUR), where receiving income from it is in the same currency unit for which it was purchased.

Affiliate income received by agent from the sales by the agent of of packages remains, as is has always been in the QP measurement unit (Questra Point), which is equivalent to equals to 1 unit equals to 1 (EUR). In cases of sales by the agent to his client of any investor's package (USD), for example the "Red" package price of which 7290 dollars, now the affiliate income will be calculated by the formula:

$7290 / (the exchange rate (USD) to (EUR)) = sum (EUR) - from which the income is calculated according to his agent career level.

For example, if you are 4 level agent with the percentage of return of 10.5% and sold your client investors "Red" package price of which 7290 dollars, and the exchange rate currently stands (USD) to (EUR) equals 1.0566, according to the exchange rate and recalculation we have: 7290 (USD) = 6899 (EUR). In this case, affiliate agent income with the percentage of return of 10.5% will be:

6899 EUR / 10,5% = 724 EUR - the income of 4th level agent from the sale of USD investors package "Red" equals 7290 USD.

We congratulate and thank you for your cooperation!

Best Regards, Atlantic Global Asset Management. 

 30MAY 2017


Dear partners, we are pleased to inform you that Questra World has prepared for you a unique training event – “Leadership". Within the program of the event, Questra World partners will take part in the training program and professional trainings provided by the best trainers in the field of management and sales.

Event: Leadership;

Participating countries: Hong Kong, China, Singapore, South Korea;

Venue: Hong Kong, Tseung Kwan 0, Tong Tak Street, Crowne Plaza Hong Kong Kowloon East 3;

Date: 10 - 11 June 2017;

Number of the participants: 400;

Cost: 50 QP;

Program of events:

  • Presentation and news from Questra World from Chief Executive Officer José Manuel Gilabert;
  • Trainings and seminars from the best speakers of millionaires.

Dates of event:

  • June 10 (Saturday) - Registration 10:00, start of the event 11:00; End of the event 16:00;
  • June 11 (Sunday) - Registration 12:00, start of the event 13:00; End of the event 19:00.


Visiting the training event "Leadership" is mandatory for all Questra World agents from the 4th level and higher, who received invitations in their personal cabinets. Visiting Leadership is optional for agents of the 2nd and 3rd level agents, but the management of the advertizing broker Questra World advises its agents to attend training because it believes that future agents’ results directly depend on their level of training and knowledgining because it believes that future agents’ results directly depend on their level of training and knowledge.

Dear clients of the company Questra World, we would like to remind you on the mandatory dress code at the Leadership:

  • Men's clothing: tuxedo, suit, white shirt, tie, bow-tie, classic shoes.
  • Women's clothing: strict pantsuit, business dress, classic shoes, jewelry is allowed, but, please avoid wearing fur clothes.

Attending the event: accurately on time, don’t be late please.

Best Regards, Questra World.


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